From Undercore to ... ?

Fri 28 September 2018 By Wos  | Category : in-character

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minetest icon in 3D

Undercore is gone. Maybe for good. It's unclear whether the dimensional rift that winked my world out of existence was caused by a black hole. If it was - there won't be any going back.

Shame about the Sapp family. Carolyn lost her husband, invested everything she had into his memorial, and then... like I said. Gone.

I just hope she made it out.

The headquarters of the Blue Sky Mining Company are gone too, but that wasn't their only operation. Companies like that always get compared to the mythical Hydra - "cut of one head and two more grow back." Maybe I shouldn't judge. Heck, maybe I should track them down and ask for a job. Getting off world was expensive.

Not sure anyone will see this, or where I'll eventually land. I've been thinking of living low-tech for a while, maybe someplace fueled more by magic than science. Maybe. In the meantime, I've arranged to have communications forwarded, at least until I find a place to settle.

Wish me luck.

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Bring Out Your Dead

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A funeral home and nearby crypt

Have you or a loved one recently passed away? Don't let this important event go un-remembered. Thanks to a generous land grant from Billr, as well as the financial support of widow Carolyn Sapp, residents and visitors to the Undercore world may be eligible for burial in the graveyard or …

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Ethereal Fusarium - Killer of the Mushroom Kingdom

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A few weeks ago I went on a hike, exploring the wildlife just outside my neighborhood on Undercore. You know what I found? Blight.

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Glass Ceilings: Good for Everyone's Safety

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Darrian "Solid Stone" Jefferson, Blue Sky Mine Public Relations

The Blue Sky Mining Corporation is pleased to announce the installation of a new safety feature at our Build Area 1 site: The Glass Ceiling.

Minetest Game Image: Blue Sky Mine Glass Ceiling

The Glass Ceiling is a state of the art, shatterproof glass barrier designed to prevent anyone …

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Steve Sapp Found Dead

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The body of Steve Sapp was found yesterday. The coroner's report states that Sapp appears to have fallen from a great height.

I spoke to Fredericka Staley at their office for further details. "Well, it was a mess, but he didn't suffer," she said. "They say he must have fallen …

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The CEO takes a call

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The CEO of Blue Sky Mine took a call. This was overheard.

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Missing Person

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Flyer, posted by Carolyne Sapp

Minetest Game Image: Voxelated man with beard

  • Name: Steve Sapp
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 51
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 5' 8" (172 centimeters)
  • Weight: 220 lbs / 100kg
  • Appearance: Dark grey hair, light beard, heavyset.
  • Last seen: Going "out." Said he would deal with our overdue house payment for good.

Please !! If anyone knows where …

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Blue Sky Mining Corporation breaks ground

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The Blue Sky Mining Corporation announced today that it has broken ground on a fresh mining operation on the outskirts of Build Area 1 of the undercore world.

Minetest Game Image: Blue Sky Mine Headframe

"Acquisition of the unoccupied stone factory on the outskirts of town puts us in an advantaged position in terms of labor and …

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