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minetest icon in 3D

I recently came accross Goxel and I am getting a kick out of it. Goxel is a 3D voxel editor, essentially an image editor built around cubes, much as Minetest is a game built around cubes.

Goxel makes it a lot easier to envision your builds before you commit game time to them. If you try it out (and of course it's Free Software), you'll want to test out organizing your design into layers, so you can easily look at just the floor, or just the walls, or just the roof, and so forth.

Anyway, you'll see me interspersing Goxel images with the usual screen shots. It's a handy tool if you want to plan out your builds ahead of time.

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Minetest Tiles

Tue 20 March 2018By ptvirgo



Trying to plan good Minetest builds with normal image editors got on my nerves. Tiny, icon-sized pixel-art isn't great for describing imaginary life-sized buildings. Pencil and graph-paper worked alright for mazes, but... flash back to the 1980s!

Wait, am I being snarky again?

Luckily, the Minetest game textures are easily …

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Recipe Conflict Detector Released

Mon 26 February 2018By ptvirgo


I took some time off of gaming to write some code. Today, I am releasing a Minetest recipe conflict detector. It should make it much faster, and easier, for server administrators to catch recipe conflicts. Admins will be able to save players the frustration of trying to craft an item …

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