Development opportunities in Acacia Valley

Sun 10 February 2019 By Wos  | Category : in-character

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Acacia Valley

The Acacia Valley Small House Community has opened for development. Community minded builders will be excited to note a custom build by the esteemed LadyK.

Acacia Valley features a rail line access between the primary Savannah area and a secondary Grassland. As a sky-island development, the valley has surface-level access to a variety high-quality metals and minerals, making deep-earth mining unnecessary. Trees of several varieties may be harvested as build materials.

Despite its exclusive location among the clouds of Illuna, Acacia Valley may be easily accessed via the "WeavingOfSmoke: Smokestack" travel net at Illuna's Travel Center.

The Acacia Valley Homeoweners Association encourages small-house enthusiasts and developers to take up residence in Acacia Valley today!

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Space Elevator Opening

Wed 23 January 2019By Wos


Space Elevator Visitor Center

The Blue Sky Mining Corporation is pleased to announce the opening of our Space Elevator Visitor Center, accessible from the Illuna-Techeth travel center. Guests are invited to explore the possibilities of rapid, low orbit space visitation for purposes of travel, resource collection and development.

The Visitor Center also features a …

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Bring Out Your Dead

Thu 15 March 2018By Wos


A funeral home and nearby crypt

Have you or a loved one recently passed away? Don't let this important event go un-remembered. Thanks to a generous land grant from Billr, as well as the financial support of widow Carolyn Sapp, residents and visitors to the Undercore world may be eligible for burial in the graveyard or …

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Glass Ceilings: Good for Everyone's Safety

Sun 04 February 2018By Wos


Darrian "Solid Stone" Jefferson, Blue Sky Mine Public Relations

The Blue Sky Mining Corporation is pleased to announce the installation of a new safety feature at our Build Area 1 site: The Glass Ceiling.

Minetest Game Image: Blue Sky Mine Glass Ceiling

The Glass Ceiling is a state of the art, shatterproof glass barrier designed to prevent anyone …

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Blue Sky Mining Corporation breaks ground

Tue 02 January 2018By Wos


The Blue Sky Mining Corporation announced today that it has broken ground on a fresh mining operation on the outskirts of Build Area 1 of the undercore world.

Minetest Game Image: Blue Sky Mine Headframe

"Acquisition of the unoccupied stone factory on the outskirts of town puts us in an advantaged position in terms of labor and …

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