Smallhouse #03: Skullface farm

Sat 12 January 2019 By Wos  | Category : out-of-character

Tags : dispatch / blueprint /


a small, minetest game house

I'm continuing my exploration of small house designs, because I'd rather be interested than impressed. This small farm manages to squeeze in two floors. From the left, it also reminds me of a skull with hair, which I find amusing.

Are you a fellow minetest player? I'd like to know a bit about your thoughts and experiences playing the game. If you are open to sharing, then please let me know in the Minetest Questionnaire. Thanks!

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Small House #02: Wooden Outpost

Sat 08 December 2018By ptvirgo


a small, minetest game house

Wooden houses - usually gross. Thrown together in a hurry with no regard for the landscape, they resemble not so much "home" as "Look, I found a big crate!"

Too often the perpetrator manages to cut out large chunks from all the surrounding trees without doing anyone the service of either …

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Small House #01

Wed 28 November 2018By ptvirgo


a small, minetest game house

I've been to a few different worlds since Undercore vanished. There is something satisfying about getting a fresh start, but it can also feel like a redundant battle, especially on planets with aggressive wildlife. You want to get started quickly, preferably without sealing yourself in an ugly, cobblestone cube.

I've …

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From Undercore to ... ?

Fri 28 September 2018By Wos


minetest icon in 3D

Undercore is gone. Maybe for good. It's unclear whether the dimensional rift that winked my world out of existence was caused by a black hole. If it was - there won't be any going back.

Shame about the Sapp family. Carolyn lost her husband, invested everything she had into his memorial …

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Ethereal Fusarium - Killer of the Mushroom Kingdom

Sat 10 March 2018By Wos


A few weeks ago I went on a hike, exploring the wildlife just outside my neighborhood on Undercore. You know what I found? Blight.

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Cobblestone castles

Fri 29 December 2017By Wos


I've been traveling a bit, seeing the homes people build. You know what's common? Cobblestone castles. Great cubes of grey, often surrounded by treacherous pits and partially felled trees. Occasional chunks of gold and diamond meant to suggest that the owner is somehow "rich."

People who want to be impressive …

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Thu 21 December 2017By Wos


The wizard was defeated. The amulet was returned to it's place amongst the Gods. The Hero made a triumphant return. Many thought this would herald a new era of peace and prosperity, that the Hero would finally set things right.

If only.

Why is unclear. Some say the amulet's power …

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