Space Elevator Opening

Wed 23 January 2019 By Wos  | Category : in-character

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Space Elevator Visitor Center

The Blue Sky Mining Corporation is pleased to announce the opening of our Space Elevator Visitor Center, accessible from the Illuna-Techeth travel center. Guests are invited to explore the possibilities of rapid, low orbit space visitation for purposes of travel, resource collection and development.

The Visitor Center also features a live demonstration of a new safety material that can dramatically reduce the risk of injury due to mining accidents. The Directed Energy Absorbtion and Dispersal material is a foam-like mushroom derivative. As the name suggests, it absorbs and disperses energy from impact and collision very effectively, allowing miners to walk a way unharmed from otherwise dangerous falls.

Now, thanks to a special installation of the material at the Space Elevator Visitor Center, guests can step off a designated platform nearly 1000m above ground and land safely at the rear entrance.

Don't wait! Take a tour of the Space Elevator Visitor Center and you too can experience DEAD today.