Small House #02: Wooden Outpost

Sat 08 December 2018 By Wos  | Category : out-of-character

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a small, minetest game house

Wooden houses - usually gross. Thrown together in a hurry with no regard for the landscape, they resemble not so much "home" as "Look, I found a big crate!"

Too often the perpetrator manages to cut out large chunks from all the surrounding trees without doing anyone the service of either clearing the trees completely or replanting. Some forests never recover.

To be fair; life is dangerous before you have your first home, there are good reasons to build quickly, and wood is a quality material. The Small House Movement might be a good fit for building with wood.

Here's a stab at it.


  1. Main structure is 10x10x10 or smaller.
  2. Structural components are all wood.
  3. Non-structural components (stove, windows) easily available at the surface.


  1. Avoid unmodified cubes.
  2. Use more than one material, shade, or color.
  3. Maintain consistent matching between materials and structural purpose.
    • Eg. the roof, walls, and frame can be identified by material as well as shape.

I'd be interested to hear if you try this out! Feel free to e-mail me.