Small House #01

Wed 28 November 2018 By Wos  | Category : out-of-character

Tags : dispatch / blueprint /


a small, minetest game house

I've been to a few different worlds since Undercore vanished. There is something satisfying about getting a fresh start, but it can also feel like a redundant battle, especially on planets with aggressive wildlife. You want to get started quickly, preferably without sealing yourself in an ugly, cobblestone cube.

I've been taking a bit of inspiration from the Tiny House movement. There are numerous images and blueprints for extremely modest homes, many of them well designed for a person who wants to build something both attractive and efficient in a short time-frame.

For a creative challenge, try working with the question: "What can you do in a 10x10x10 (or smaller) block?" (Keeping in mind that at minimum a bed, stove, and room for a chest are mandatory.) That's not a lot to work with, but it's a good fit if you want to keep things creative when you start somewhere new.