Minetest Tiles

Tue 20 March 2018 By Wos  | Category : out-of-character

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Trying to plan good Minetest builds with normal image editors got on my nerves. Tiny, icon-sized pixel-art isn't great for describing imaginary life-sized buildings. Pencil and graph-paper worked alright for mazes, but... flash back to the 1980s!

Wait, am I being snarky again?

Luckily, the Minetest game textures are easily accessible, and the Free TileD map editor works really well for laying out blueprints.

This is a tile-set of the most essential Minetest nodes.

Now you (well, it's for me, but you can use it) can pre-plan builds using textures from the game. It's way easier than messing around with individual pixels. Use it to test different layouts and materials ahead of time, so you don't waste an evening building something you hate.