Goxel for Blueprints - A Tour

Sat 02 February 2019 By Wos  | Category : out-of-character

Tags : minetest / toolkit /


minetest icon in 3D

The Free / Open-Source Goxel voxel editor is a nice tool for making Minetest blueprints. Goxel is very intuitive, but there are no instructions.

Here are a few introductory videos to help you get acquainted with Goxel so you can make nicer builds faster, and never run out of ideas.

Goxel Tour:

  1. Mouse basics
  2. Editing modes
  3. Brush and shape tools
  4. Color selection
  5. Image size
  6. Rendering
  7. Layers
  8. Move
  9. Extrude