Glass Ceilings: Good for Everyone's Safety

Sun 04 February 2018 By Wos  | Category : in-character

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Darrian "Solid Stone" Jefferson, Blue Sky Mine Public Relations

The Blue Sky Mining Corporation is pleased to announce the installation of a new safety feature at our Build Area 1 site: The Glass Ceiling.

Minetest Game Image: Blue Sky Mine Glass Ceiling

The Glass Ceiling is a state of the art, shatterproof glass barrier designed to prevent anyone falling into our mine-shaft.

It's only natural that the precious ores, minerals, and wealth generated by our mining operation will tempt would-be prospectors and go-getters. However, it is critical for everyone's safety that only those with the proper training, credentials, and approval of our CEO Andreas Sheppard gain access.

Nothing would be more tragic than if some poor sap fell into the mining shaft and injured or killed themselves in some ill-advised attempt to gain riches outside the appropriate channels.

By preserving the integrity of our glass ceiling, the Blue Sky Mining Corporation will protect the safety of the people and our investment.