Blue Sky Mining Corporation breaks ground

Tue 02 January 2018 By Wos  | Category : in-character

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The Blue Sky Mining Corporation announced today that it has broken ground on a fresh mining operation on the outskirts of Build Area 1 of the undercore world.

Minetest Game Image: Blue Sky Mine Headframe

"Acquisition of the unoccupied stone factory on the outskirts of town puts us in an advantaged position in terms of labor and logistics," stated spokesman Darrian 'Solid Stone' Jeffersen. "As the regional market opens up, we are confident that profits for this venture will be very, very high."

Asked about the potential safety risks to the residents of Build Area 1, Jefferson was optimistic. "Modern mining operations are quite safe. So long as residents avoid actually falling into the mine, there is no cause for concern."

"People will be more excited about economics at play," Jefferson elaborated. "There will be direct and ancillary business growth for the entire economy. We see a bright future for the residents of Build Area 1, and that future is a hole in the ground."