Development opportunities in Acacia Valley

Sun 10 February 2019 By Wos  | Category : in-character

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Acacia Valley

The Acacia Valley Small House Community has opened for development. Community minded builders will be excited to note a custom build by the esteemed LadyK.

Acacia Valley features a rail line access between the primary Savannah area and a secondary Grassland. As a sky-island development, the valley has surface-level access to a variety high-quality metals and minerals, making deep-earth mining unnecessary. Trees of several varieties may be harvested as build materials.

Despite its exclusive location among the clouds of Illuna, Acacia Valley may be easily accessed via the "WeavingOfSmoke: Smokestack" travel net at Illuna's Travel Center.

The Acacia Valley Homeoweners Association encourages small-house enthusiasts and developers to take up residence in Acacia Valley today!