Smallhouse #05: A-Frame

Mon 25 February 2019 By Wos  | Category : in-character

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a small, minetest game house

The A-Frame is a classic small-house design. All the benefits of living in an attic, without the inconvenience of having to climb a ladder!

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Smallhouse #04: The Loft

Sun 24 February 2019By Wos


a small, minetest game house

In a small house, a loft can increase available floor-space just as much as a separate floor. It also gives a more open feel to the entire layout.

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Development opportunities in Acacia Valley

Sun 10 February 2019By Wos


Acacia Valley

The Acacia Valley Small House Community has opened for development. Community minded builders will be excited to note a custom build by the esteemed LadyK.

Acacia Valley features a rail line access between the primary Savannah area and a secondary Grassland. As a sky-island development, the valley has surface-level access …

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Goxel for Blueprints - A Tour

Sat 02 February 2019By Wos


minetest icon in 3D

The Free / Open-Source Goxel voxel editor is a nice tool for making Minetest blueprints. Goxel is very intuitive, but there are no instructions.

Here are a few introductory videos to help you get acquainted with Goxel so you can make nicer builds faster, and never run out of ideas.

Goxel …

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Space Elevator Opening

Wed 23 January 2019By Wos


Space Elevator Visitor Center

The Blue Sky Mining Corporation is pleased to announce the opening of our Space Elevator Visitor Center, accessible from the Illuna-Techeth travel center. Guests are invited to explore the possibilities of rapid, low orbit space visitation for purposes of travel, resource collection and development.

The Visitor Center also features a …

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Smallhouse #03: Skullface farm

Sat 12 January 2019By Wos


a small, minetest game house

I'm continuing my exploration of small house designs, because I'd rather be interested than impressed. This small farm manages to squeeze in two floors. From the left, it also reminds me of a skull with hair, which I find amusing.

Are you a fellow minetest player? I'd like to know …

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Blue Sky Mine Project Recruitment: Space Elevator

Mon 10 December 2018By Wos


space elevator blueprint

The Blue Sky Mine Corporation has identified significant resources available in the atmosphere and stratosphere above the surface of Illunas-TechEth. Dedicated workers with experience in mining, construction, and / or hostile animal deterrence wanted. You will help build a space-elevator and visitor center that will reach to the asteroid layer and …

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Small House #02: Wooden Outpost

Sat 08 December 2018By Wos


a small, minetest game house

Wooden houses - usually gross. Thrown together in a hurry with no regard for the landscape, they resemble not so much "home" as "Look, I found a big crate!"

Too often the perpetrator manages to cut out large chunks from all the surrounding trees without doing anyone the service of either …

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Small House #01

Wed 28 November 2018By Wos


a small, minetest game house

I've been to a few different worlds since Undercore vanished. There is something satisfying about getting a fresh start, but it can also feel like a redundant battle, especially on planets with aggressive wildlife. You want to get started quickly, preferably without sealing yourself in an ugly, cobblestone cube.

I've …

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Blue Sky Mine Operations - Full Bunkhouse

Thu 15 November 2018By Wos


Three Bed Bunk

Excerpt from the Blue Sky Mine Standard Operations Manual:

A Full Bed Bunkhouse is suitable for mining teams of 6 - 12 members, and is easily built as an expansion of the Three Bed Bunkhouse. Living arrangements are spartan, but effective, for a team dedicated to working a shared mineshaft. Close …

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Blue Sky Mine Operations - Three Bed Bunk

Sun 11 November 2018By Wos


Three Bed Bunk

Excerpt from the Blue Sky Mine Standard Operations Manual:

A Three Bed Bunkhouse can provide basic safety and housing for a small mining team. It is constructed with local wood and stone materials, minimizing expense and lead time before profitable mining operations can begin. The layout simple, and easily expanded …

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Sun 11 November 2018By Wos


minetest icon in 3D

I recently came accross Goxel and I am getting a kick out of it. Goxel is a 3D voxel editor, essentially an image editor built around cubes, much as Minetest is a game built around cubes.

Goxel makes it a lot easier to envision your builds before you commit game …

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From Undercore to ... ?

Fri 28 September 2018By Wos


minetest icon in 3D

Undercore is gone. Maybe for good. It's unclear whether the dimensional rift that winked my world out of existence was caused by a black hole. If it was - there won't be any going back.

Shame about the Sapp family. Carolyn lost her husband, invested everything she had into his memorial …

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Peace in a Garden, Peace in a Wasteland

Mon 09 July 2018By Wos


The Temples

"What about this one?" Epoh asked Sherip, as they approached the Temple of Great Wisdom. Sherip laughed gently.

"There have been so many great and wise teachers of men," he said, shaking his head, "and how little difference it has made. Let's keep on."

"Alright," Epoh sighed, but …

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The "Mayor" of Spite Town

Mon 30 April 2018By Wos


Spite Town

An interview with Bernard Warbly

Wos: Do you consider yourself the mayor of Spite Town?

Bernard: "The mayor of Spite Town!?" That's a bit of a stretch. I just wanted my neighbors to quit messin' with my lawn.

Wos: I've never heard of people intentionally ruining their neighbor's lawn before …

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Minetest Tiles

Tue 20 March 2018By Wos



Trying to plan good Minetest builds with normal image editors got on my nerves. Tiny, icon-sized pixel-art isn't great for describing imaginary life-sized buildings. Pencil and graph-paper worked alright for mazes, but... flash back to the 1980s!

Wait, am I being snarky again?

Luckily, the Minetest game textures are easily …

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Bring Out Your Dead

Thu 15 March 2018By Wos


A funeral home and nearby crypt

Have you or a loved one recently passed away? Don't let this important event go un-remembered. Thanks to a generous land grant from Billr, as well as the financial support of widow Carolyn Sapp, residents and visitors to the Undercore world may be eligible for burial in the graveyard or …

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Ethereal Fusarium - Killer of the Mushroom Kingdom

Sat 10 March 2018By Wos


A few weeks ago I went on a hike, exploring the wildlife just outside my neighborhood on Undercore. You know what I found? Blight.

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Recipe Conflict Detector Released

Mon 26 February 2018By Wos


I took some time off of gaming to write some code. Today, I am releasing a Minetest recipe conflict detector. It should make it much faster, and easier, for server administrators to catch recipe conflicts. Admins will be able to save players the frustration of trying to craft an item …

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Glass Ceilings: Good for Everyone's Safety

Sun 04 February 2018By Wos


Darrian "Solid Stone" Jefferson, Blue Sky Mine Public Relations

The Blue Sky Mining Corporation is pleased to announce the installation of a new safety feature at our Build Area 1 site: The Glass Ceiling.

Minetest Game Image: Blue Sky Mine Glass Ceiling

The Glass Ceiling is a state of the art, shatterproof glass barrier designed to prevent anyone …

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Steve Sapp Found Dead

Thu 25 January 2018By Wos


The body of Steve Sapp was found yesterday. The coroner's report states that Sapp appears to have fallen from a great height.

I spoke to Fredericka Staley at their office for further details. "Well, it was a mess, but he didn't suffer," she said. "They say he must have fallen …

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The CEO takes a call

Sat 13 January 2018By Wos


The CEO of Blue Sky Mine took a call. This was overheard.

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Missing Person

Sun 07 January 2018By Wos


Flyer, posted by Carolyne Sapp

Minetest Game Image: Voxelated man with beard

  • Name: Steve Sapp
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 51
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 5' 8" (172 centimeters)
  • Weight: 220 lbs / 100kg
  • Appearance: Dark grey hair, light beard, heavyset.
  • Last seen: Going "out." Said he would deal with our overdue house payment for good.

Please !! If anyone knows where …

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Blue Sky Mining Corporation breaks ground

Tue 02 January 2018By Wos


The Blue Sky Mining Corporation announced today that it has broken ground on a fresh mining operation on the outskirts of Build Area 1 of the undercore world.

Minetest Game Image: Blue Sky Mine Headframe

"Acquisition of the unoccupied stone factory on the outskirts of town puts us in an advantaged position in terms of labor and …

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Cobblestone castles

Fri 29 December 2017By Wos


I've been traveling a bit, seeing the homes people build. You know what's common? Cobblestone castles. Great cubes of grey, often surrounded by treacherous pits and partially felled trees. Occasional chunks of gold and diamond meant to suggest that the owner is somehow "rich."

People who want to be impressive …

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Thu 21 December 2017By Wos


The wizard was defeated. The amulet was returned to it's place amongst the Gods. The Hero made a triumphant return. Many thought this would herald a new era of peace and prosperity, that the Hero would finally set things right.

If only.

Why is unclear. Some say the amulet's power …

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